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Has a serious injury altered your life? The more serious and life-altering the injury is, the more you need a personal injury lawyer. There are many Phoenix personal injury lawyers out there who would be willing to represent you, but you need to choose the best team of attorneys – especially if the injury you sustained will require life-long therapy, care and treatment.

The Phoenix personal injury lawyers at Knapp & Roberts have what it takes to help you receive the compensation you need. This team of attorneys is trying making a difference in the lives of it’s clients as it goes out of its way to change the systems and circumstances that caused its clients to become injured. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing these Phoenix personal injury lawyers who work on a contingency basis. You will receive a free consultation wherein you will be honestly told whether or not you have a case.

The Phoenix personal injury lawyers at Knapp & Roberts are highly reputable and known for their compassion and tireless hard work. When you have one of these attorneys working for you, he will do everything possible to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.


Invest in Quality Luggage


If you’re a frequent traveler you know that value of owning a high quality set of baggage that can be used year in and year out. We’re not just talking about a sturdy carry on bag (though we definitely recommend purchasing one of those, too). The kinds of bags we’re talking about are the type of rugged travel luggage that can practically be handed down from generation to generation.

Many novice travelers make the mistake of purchasing the cheapest bags possible and often wind up paying a stiff price for their folly. If you’ve ever watched baggage handlers loading suitcases onto the baggage carts on an airfield, you know exactly why investing in a good set of Surray Luggage is well worth your money.

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as seeing your bags come off of a baggage carousel, and then watching all your clothing follow close behind. That’s what happens when you purchase cheap luggage that’s not up to the rigors of international travel. Any long trip is going to require a significant set of bags to ferry your possessions to their final destination.

So do yourself a favor and look at the selection of high quality bags at surrayluggage before your next trip.


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Gibson 1961 Les Paul SG Guitars: Gibson experienced a gigantic drop in electric powered guitar sales mostly because of their high charges and gigantic competition from Fender’s matching but much lighter double-cutaway design in 1960 on The Stratocaster Guitar. Gibson then made changes to the infamous guitar line. The 1961 guitar was thinner and much lighter than the preceding guitars, with two sharply sharp cut-aways and vibrato scheme. Nevertheless, the revamp was done without Les Paul’s knowledge…ooops. The instrumentalist glimpsed the guitar, he gasped, and he asked Gibson to eliminate his title from the guitar and he said farewell to Gibson. Even though this parting happened in 1960, Gibson had a huge stock of Les Paul logos and truss rod covers, and so they proceeded to use the Les Paul name until about 1963. That is when the SG guitar’s title was finally altered to SG, which stands for Solid Guitar. Plus the SG line, Gibson proceeded to topic the less costly Les Paul Jr’s and Les Paul Specials (and the tune Makers) with the newer body style. These were the benchmark gibson les paul 1959  Gibson electric forms until the reintroduction of the Les Paul Standard Goldtop and the Les Paul made-to-order guitars to the market in 1968.

Gibson Les Paul notes Guitar: This guitar is often shunned by guitar purists who address it to be too full of gadgets and buttons. The notes features low-impedance pickups, numerous switches and buttons, and a highly focused twisted cord for impedance-matching to the amplifier. Less obvious changes included, but were not restricted to, maple fingerboards (1976), pickup cavity protecting, and the crossover of the ABR1 Tune-o-matic connection into the modern day Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge.

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